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Back to the Country

What Dreams May Come

What roads
Have I paved
In the hearts of men?
Has even one stroke
Of my labors
One drop
Of my sweat
Made the path smoother
For the traveler
Who passes after me?
Or has all my striving
Been in vain?

Portraits with Pzazz!


I’ve been struggling
Like a mule
All my life
It was what it was
One gray day
Daddy up & died
A foreign widow
In a foreign land
No English
Nine hungry children
Did what I had to do
Walked out of school
Buckled on
My grown-up shoes
Washing, cooking, scrubbing
Made my way to Philadelphia
Just to mail home
A few green dollars
Paid daddy’s debts
Put bread on the table
Family stayed together
Struggled like a mule

Back to the Country



It’s like
Cashmere over lace
One snowflake crystal
Glittering among stars
Love wrapped up
Red velvet ribbon
Tied snug
Around my heart
Winter fairytale
Ice castle
Royal blue in the sky
Queen of your heart
This winter
To the end of time


NYC Streets

If I gave you my heart
Would you cherish it
Under the umbrella of your love?
Or let it wither & die
Like the roses of summer past?

NYC Streets

Down the middle track
Ghastly floodlights
Chasing scrappy rats
Of zombie passengers
Between gaps in grime layered walls
Screechy sci-fi


Portraits with Pzazz!

Hard cement
Hot under feet
Street’s gonna take grit
Bold ambition
Shoot one frame
At a time


NYC Streets

Glimmering beads
Cascading everywhere
Droplets of hope
Playfully splash
Every one
Molecules of dreams
Delightful future


NYC Streets

IMG_2560Gimme back my shyt

Yah that’s right you heard me

I want my shyt back

And you’re gonna give it back

Now, right now

I didn’t pour all my heart

Into a dream to have nothing

The dream’s mine

Meant only for me

What’s mine is mine

God’s gift to me

It’s not yours

So you can’t have it

You can’t keep one sliver of it

Devil be gone

You came to steal, kill, destroy

My dream home build on love

I’m taking it back

Lock, stock, barrel

You think you’re getting away

With all my shyt

But so help me God

You’re dropping my shyt

Gimme back my shyt

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