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Self-Love Program

Seeing Myself In A New Light: Begin to heal & redefine your identity after trauma or heartbreak

Are you ready to break patterns & transform your life?

Last year did you experience another relationship failure in your life?

Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same things over & over into your life?

Are you stuck constantly replaying scenes in your mind of everything someone did to you?

Do you struggle with perfectionism & feeling worthy?

I spent 3 years working on healing & redefining my identity after a traumatic event & then heartbreak. Now as a Christian Confidence Coach, I specialize in forgiveness journaling, healing & redefining identity after trauma or heartbreak & self-confidence art workshops so Christian women & men can flourish in life & love themselves as God intended.

I teach from my personal experiences how to: 

  • Develop a new personal vision (perspective)
  • Redefine your identity based on God’s truths by revealing & disempowering lies you’ve believed about yourself
  • Make peace with painful memories in order to move forward in forgiveness
  • Move into a place of honestly loving & accepting yourself as you are free from shame & judgement. 
  • See yourself as the masterpiece you are so you can walk regally into rooms knowing who & whose you are free from perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome  

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Week 1

Form new thought patterns to win the self-esteem battles in your mind 

Love yourself & be free from manipulating or lying to others to earn their love 

Week 2

To move into a place of forgiving yourself & those who hurt you so that you no longer live in emotional & spiritual debt 

No longer require yourself to be perfect, but to be kind to yourself where you are at

Week 3

Walk regally into spaces feeling attractive & worthy because you know & believe in who & whose you are

My transformation from battling the demons of fear, unforgiveness, anger, shame, confusion & anxiety to living free in forgiveness, peace, love & hope in 57 seconds.

Forgiveness is a key element in the healing process.

Beth’s Forgiveness Journal has 20 days of reflective mind, body & spirit exercises for transforming daily thought processes. 

This journal will help you with:

  • clearing up false ideas about what forgiveness is and isn’t
  • taking back your power even in your pain
  • experiencing emotional breakthroughs so you can receive and give love more completely
  • freeing yourself from imposter syndrome, people pleasing and in general not feeling “good enough”
  • releasing anxiety from your body that has built up as a result of unforgiveness

Order Your 20 Day Forgiveness Journal HERE

Forgiveness Journal Testimonials

The Forgiveness Challenge was timely, reflective and transformative. Each of the exercises touched a key area of my spirit, mind and body. The experiences of the Forgiveness Challenge helped me see how unforgiveness affected my daily thought process and responses to whatever life brought my way. I learned that unforgiveness, no matter what level of intensity it seems to be, can be an invisible killer and thief. A lifestyle or mindset of consistent forgiveness unlocks doors to blessings, and a life of freedom and peace.Kim

Beth’s forgiveness journal really targets specific steps towards forgiving yourself and others through different exercises and music and media. I found it more helpful than 5 years of therapy! I am going to continue to work with Beth in her private coaching sessions. I recommend Beth Brown’s approach very highly.” – Josh

Art Therapy Workshop for Enhancing Self-Confidence

A 2 hour art & journaling workshop where participants gain a deeper understanding of their significance so they can see themselves in a new light & walk regally in their light.

Beth is amazing when it comes to connecting people to their emotions and inner child using art. I can tell her activities are intentionally and purposefully created. I was at a table with people from all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds and we all walked away with a beautiful experience and a beautiful piece of art that we created to remember it by. I highly recommend using her for group activities with children and adults.” – Tamykah

Ready to work together?

Email Beth to schedule a free consultation to learn more about her life transformational programs, 1:1 confidence coaching or to book her art self-confidence workshop for one of your events.

Not ready to work together yet?

Download Challenge Your Thoughts: Learn to begin transforming your thoughts so you can see yourself in a new light in 3 days. Becoming more mindful of your thoughts is a crucial first step in loving yourself & healing from trauma or heartbreak.

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