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Healing Identity Program

Seeing Myself In A New Light: Begin to heal & redefine your identity after trauma or heartbreak in 21 days

Brown teaches Christian women & men how to heal & redefine their identity after trauma or heartbreak & learn to see themselves in a new light so they can flourish confidently & love themselves as God intended.

Seeing Myself In A New Light is a 21 day thought & confidence transformational program. Over the course of the program, Brown provides women & men with tools to draw light images in their minds so they can transform their thought life (personal vision). She also provides guidance for healing the heart so their inside greatness begins shining out in the world. 

Brown spent 3 years working on healing & redefining her identity after a traumatic event & then heartbreak.

There were many days when I felt stuck, I didn’t recognize who I was anymore & felt deep shame about who I had become. Some days were oppressively dark when I didn’t know how to progress forward in becoming whole again. But by God’s grace & leading today I see myself in a new light. – Brown

Brown teaches from her personal experiences how to: 

  • Develop a new personal vision (perspective)
  • Redefine your identity based on God’s truths by revealing & disempowering lies you’ve believed about yourself
  • Make peace with painful memories in order to move forward in forgiveness
  • Move into a place of honestly loving & accepting yourself as you are free from shame & judgement. 
  • See yourself as the masterpiece you are so you can walk regally into rooms knowing who & whose you are free from perfectionism, people pleasing or imposter syndrome  

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Beth’s webinar was an amazing session. I really love how Beth dissected the thoughts that many of us have as we navigate this thing called life. I never thought about organizing the thoughts in my head and I love how Beth’s webinar uses her photography to put thoughts in different categories. – Jade

Week 1

Form new thought patterns to win the self-esteem battles in your mind 

Love yourself & be free from manipulating or lying to others to earn their love 

Week 2

To move into a place of forgiving yourself & those who hurt you so that you no longer live in emotional & spiritual debt 

No longer require yourself to be perfect, but to be kind to yourself where you are at

Week 3

Walk regally into spaces feeling attractive & worthy because you know & believe in who & whose you are

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